What is The Darwinian Theory?

What is The Darwinian Theory?

What is The Darwinian Theory?

What is The Darwinian Theory?: Charles Robert Darwin was born on 12 February 1809 in England. He was the fifth child of his parents’ six children.

His father was a prosperous doctor and his father also wanted Charles to be a doctor. and His mother died in July of the same year.

Thereafter, from September 1818, Charles lived with his older brother Erasmus, and continued with his brother until October 1825, before attending Edinburgh Medical School. But he did not have much interest in the medical field, so he started ignoring medicine.

In 1859, Darwin in his book “On the Origin of Species” also gave a detailed description of the species of human evolution.

In 1868, Charles Darwin published a second book, named ‘The Variation of Animals and Plants Domestication’.

It has been shown in this book that many breeds of pigeons, dogs, and other animals can be made by selecting many animals. And in the same way, new plants and new species of plants can also be created.

Darwin propounds that those who are adept at the changing elements, survive. Adverse ingredients perish in a state of non-adaptation. The nature of the favorite is to be safe and that of the unfavorable is to perish. Those who were most capable of fighting against the climate and enemies for food only survived. Those who could not do so, their species perished.

After visiting the Beagle, Darwin discovered that many plant and animal species are closely related. Darwin realized that many plant species are similar and differ only slightly. Similarly, many species of organisms and insects are also similar with a few differences. Darwin did not want to be in a hurry, so he studied many plant and animal species for 20 years after the voyage of HMS Beagle and presented ‘the theory of evolution to the world in 1858.

The Theory of Evolution

According to the theory of evolution,

The form of life is changeable, due to which new types of organisms keep on developing.

Organisms that adapt themselves to the contemporary environment, progress in the development of life, produce offspring and at the same time remain stable for a long time.

Conversely, organisms that are unable to adapt themselves to the environment cannot survive the long race of biological evolution and perish.

The Theory of Evolution

Darwin said that the evolution of life is still going on at an uninterrupted pace and this sequence will continue as long as the presence of life on earth is there. According to him, there has been continuous development and change in living beings since the Eozoic and Archeozoic periods.

The old beings which could not change with time went on to get destroy and new organisms evolved to adapt to the new environment. Human beings saved themselves with their intelligence. Like other organisms in the process of biological evolution, man is also an organism that is the most recently developed animal.

Features of Darwinism

(1) Abundant ability of progeny in organisms

(2) Life Struggle

(3) Viva or natural selection of Samarth

(4) Variations and Heredity

(5) adaptability to the environment

(6) Origin of new castes

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