What is Metabolism, Types Metabolism Define

Metabolism Define

What is Metabolism, Types Metabolism Define

Metabolism Define: Metabolism is a chemical activity that works to keep the body healthy. Everything we eat or drink for increasing physical energy and for the synthesis of biological substances, all of which help in energy and cell formation by metabolic chemical reaction. The formation of energy is also one of the main components of metabolism.

In other words, metabolism is a chemical and physiological reaction that helps an organism to keep its life healthy. It fulfills the energy requirement for bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, blood circulation, cell growth, etc.

In one’s body, there is more metabolic energy due to which one feels more hungry. Metabolism energy is low in a person’s body, due to which he often feels tired. The body starts getting fat and does not feel hungry.

Two Types of Metabolism

  • Catabolism
  • Anabolism

Catabolism: The breakdown of molecules to obtain energy is called catabolism, which emits large amounts of energy, due to which catabolism is also called destructive metabolism. It works by removing organic materials from the body.

Anabolism: Synthesis of all the essential compounds through the cell is done through anabolic activity. Anabolism helps in cell formation by using the energy present in the body, hence anabolism is known as constructive metabolism.

Symptoms of decreased Metabolism in the body

Constant muscle and body aches: One reason for this can also be disturbances in the thyroid gland, which affects metabolism. Due to this, the problem of obesity starts. Do not ignore such symptoms at all and go to your doctor and have your examination done.

Feeling tired: People who have slow metabolism always feel tired. To overcome this problem, things that increase the metabolic rate should be consumed more and more. Instead of eating food at one time, after a while, they continued to eat something or the other.

Increased abdominal fat: Due to a low metabolic rate, fat starts to grow around the stomach without eating anything. This type of obesity is very difficult to reduce but still does not take the name of the reduced stomach. Whenever you suddenly feel a weight gain, you must get the metabolic rate checked.

Ways to Increase Metabolism

Whenever we say nutritious food, the body automatically starts generating energy, so that we do not feel tired. To increase the calories, we eat other types of foods. If we eat more calories, then the body does not feel hungry very quickly and our food does not harm our muscles.

  1. Green tea is very beneficial for increasing metabolism, and drinking green tea reduces body fat.
  2. Eat lemons every day to increase your metabolism.
  3. Exercise daily reduces the amount of fat in the body and increases metabolism. By doing intense exercises in exercise, fat is reduced soon.
  4. Eating dark chocolate also promotes metabolism.
  5. Drinking cinnamon tea also increases metabolism. Anti-oxides are found in cinnamon. Which is also beneficial for diabetics.
  6. Eating almonds produce energy in the body, which increases metabolism.

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