What is Botany, Meaning, History, Branches, Importance?


What is Botany, Meaning, History, Branches, Importance?

“BOTANY Is the department of Biology that Offers with the research of Plants.”

What is Botany, Meaning, History, Branches, Importance? The time period ‘botany’ derives from an adjective ‘botanic’ that’s once more derives from the Greek phrase ‘butane. One who researches ‘botany’ names a ‘botanist’.

Botany is, without doubt, one of the world’s oldest pure sciences. Initially, Botany included all of the plant-like organisms reminiscent of algae, lichens, ferns, fungi, mosses together with precise vegetation. Afterward, it notices that microorganisms, algae, and fungi belong to a special kingdom.

Historical past of Botany

Plants are the foremost supply of life on earth. They supply us with meals, oxygen, and quite a lot of uncooked supplies for varied industrial and home functions. That’s the reason people have at all times been excited about vegetation since time immemorial.

The Greek scholar Theophrastus was one of many early Botanists of the world. He’s also calling the “Father of Botany” as a consequence of his main writings on vegetation. One in every one of his books referred to as “Enquiry into Crops” labeled the vegetation based mostly on the geographical ranges, sizes, makes use of, and progress patterns. The opposite work referred to as “On the Causes of Crops” defined the economics of rising vegetation.

Dioscorides was one other Greek doctor from 90-40 A.D. who wrote an encyclopedia about natural medicines often known as “De Materia Medica”. This ebook uses as a vital medicinal guidebook for over 1500 years till the invention of the compound microscope.

The invention of the compound microscope by Robert Hooke in 1665 marked the development of scientific information within the area of Botany. It helped within the examination of the anatomy and physiology of vegetation. The invention of chlorophyll helped in understanding the strategy of photosynthesis. Gregor Mendel studied the genetic inheritance in vegetation by way of his experiments on pea vegetation.

With the arrival of biotechnology and genetic engineering, scientists are capable of perceiving plant construction in a greater method and have devised higher methods of enhancing crop yield and crop well-being.

Branches of Botany

Botany is split into quite a few branches:

Plant Pathology

It’s the examination of organisms and environmental situations which are accountable for inflicting illnesses in vegetation, the mechanisms by which the illness happens, and the strategies of controlling plant illnesses.

Plant Ecology

Plant ecology researches the distribution of vegetation, how do the environmental components have an effect on vegetation, and the interplay between vegetation and different organisms.


That is the department of botany that offers the restoration and identification of plant fossils, thereby, learning the evolutionary historical past of vegetation.


It’s the department of Botany by which the scientists examine how has been the vegetation was utilize by the folks prior to now. Understanding a plant additionally helps in understanding the medicinal and nonsecular significances of a plant prior to now.

Forensic Botany

Forensic botany is using vegetation and elements of vegetation reminiscent of pollens, seeds, leaves, and many others. to research prison or non-criminal instances, authorized disputes or questions, to find the reason for demise or former location.

Significance of Botany

Crops are an integral part of human life. They utilize varied features of the day after day lives. Botany research the traits and makes use of that vegetation and therefore are essential.

The significance of Botany may understand by the next factors:

Botany offers the examination of various sorts of vegetation, it makes use of and traits to affect the fields of science, drugs, and cosmetics.
It is the important thing to the event of biofuels reminiscent of biomass and methane fuel which are uses as alternate options to fossil fuels.
Botany is vital within the space of financial productiveness as a result of its concern within the examination of crops and ultimate rising strategies that helps farmers enhance crop yield.
The examination of vegetation can also be vital in atmosphere safety. The Botanists checklist the various kinds of vegetation current on earth and may sense when the plant populations begin declining.