Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Pregnancy – The first step towards becoming a mother. By the way, with the age, every woman’s body changes a lot, but the biggest change is only during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s weight starts increasing as a result of life inside the woman, and also there are other physical changes. In simple words, due to weight gain during pregnancy, the body has to face many changes.

By the end of pregnancy, the weight of most women increases from 10 to 12.5 kg. However, the rate of weight gain during pregnancy may be different for every woman. Weight gain during pregnancy is a healthy sign. Changes in the body are necessary for the proper development of the baby in the womb and to give him the right start to life.

When a woman approaches the estimated delivery date, about one-third of her increased weight is the infant, placenta, and amniotic fluid because an average baby born at full term weighs 2500 grams (2.5 kg) at birth. Weighs between 2900 grams (2.9 kg) and the placenta that nourishes the baby weighs 0.7 kg. The weight of the amniotic fluid, which provides support and protection to the baby, is 0.8 kg.

How much a woman’s weight will actually increase during pregnancy depends on many reasons and a woman’s BMI and diet are two of these reasons. How the woman’s body will change in the next nine months also depends on her age, race, and level of exercise.

Reason for weight gain during pregnancy:

  • Increase in breast size
  • Increase in the size of the placenta
  • Increase in the size of the uterus
  • Excess blood and fluid buildup in the body
  • Amniotic fluid around the body

How to make women gain weight healthily during pregnancy?

  • It is necessary to track your pregnancy weight in the beginning and then regularly track your progress thereafter.
  • It is necessary to eat a balanced diet during the nine months.
  • Be physically active
  • If you are always active, then it can be quite safe for you to exercise at your level.