Types Of Biology

types of biology

There are primarily three types of biology

  1. Zoology
  2. Botany and
  3. Microbiology

1. Zoology:

Zoology scientifically researches numerous features resembling the construction, habits, classification, distribution, and physiology of animals. Aristotle is name the “father of Zoology”. Animal science is one other identity of zoology.

Zoology is descriptive in addition to analytical. Its primary science and at a similar time is a utilized science. A primary zoologist barely involves the information of animals however not with the appliance of the gained information. A utilized zoologist is anxious with the knowledge which can straight assist animals and people (e.g. drugs).

2. Botany:

Botany offers the scientific examination of varied features of vegetation resembling their construction, physiology, ecology, and genetics. Theophrastus names the “father of Botany”. Plant science is one other identity of botany.

Botany research could be divided into completely different classes relying on which subcategory of biology the analysis predicts. For example, botanists can examine plant genetics, plant anatomy, ecology, cytology, biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, plant taxonomy, molecular biology, microbiology, and paleobotany.

Botanists may also examine a selected kind of vegetation resembling bryology (the examination of mosses), lichenology (the examination of lichens), mycology (the examination of fungi), pteridology (the examination of ferns), and phycology (the examination of algae). Utilized botany contains agronomy, forestry, meal science, horticulture (manufacturing of decorative crops and vegetation), plant breeding, pure useful resource administration, and plant pathology.

3. Microbiology:

Microbiology research has numerous features of microscopic organisms. These microscopic organisms could be acellular, multicellular, or unicellular. Leeuwenhoek was named the “Father of Microbiology”.

Types of biology