Thomas Edison: His Marital Life, Job, Inventions, and Death

Thomas Edison: His Marital Life, Job, Inventions, and Death

Thomas Edison: His Marital Life, Job, Inventions, and Death

Thomas Edison: His Marital Life, Job, Inventions, and Death: Sir Thomas Edison’s full name was Thomas Alva Edison. He was born on 11 February 1847 in Milan, Ohio State. Edison was very inquisitive and sharp from the beginning.

Thomas spent his entire life changing the world and the lives of people, he was the great inventor of America. He discovered many things like electric bulbs, phonographs.

He is credited with establishing the world’s first laboratory. Addison’s father’s name was Samuel Ogden Edison and his mother’s name was Nancy Matthew Elliott. He was the youngest of his siblings. His family moved to Michigan when he was seven years old.

When Thomas went to school to study like the rest of the children, the teacher there threw Edison out of school, calling him retarded, so that Thomas Edison studied at his home. His mother was a teacher, so he taught Edison at home. At the age of 9, his mother gave him a book of elementary science, so that he learned some experiments of chemistry at home. By studying that book, Edison not only understood the experiments but also showed his interest in them.

Due to his mother, Addison became curious about education from childhood, which he always tried to learn something. Once Edison asked someone the reason for flying birds, someone told that she eats insects so she flies. To prove this, she caught some insects from her garden and grinded it and made her friends think that Maybe they drank like birds, but they got sick. Because of which people used to call him crazy.

Thomas Elva Edison’s Marital Life

He married a woman named Mary Stillwell. Then Edison was 24 years old and Mary Stillwell was 14 years old. By this marriage, they also had three children, William, Thomas Jr., and Marion. About 13 years after their marriage, Mary Stillwell died of an illness.

About 1 year after which in 1885 He had a second marriage with a woman named Mina Miller. From her second marriage, Addison had three children named Madeleine, Theodore, and Charles.

Thomas Elva Edison’s job

Thomas joined the job at the young age of about 13-14 years. They used to sell newspapers and toffees on the side of the train. In those days, he saved the life of Jimmy McKenzie, a 3-year-old child walking on the train tracks with a speed train coming from a speed. The child belonged to station master JU McKenzie. The station master was very happy after seeing this, after which he told Edison about the telegram and at the same time he taught Edison how to operate a telegraph machine.

After which Thomas made his first telegraphy job at Stretford Station in Ontario. Later he did many experiments to improve the telegram equipment.

In the year 1866, Thomas Elva Edison, who illuminated the world with his inventions, moved to Kentucky. Where he also worked in the Associated Press Bureau. There, Edison had done his night duty so that he could get more time for his experiments. One day in the office he was using some acid on the battery when the acid spread on the floor below. Due to which he was fired.

Thomas Elva Edison’s inventions

Thomas Elva Edison was interested in new innovations since childhood. They save whatever money they used to save by selling newspapers, vegetables, etc., in their experiments. Edison had his first invention for the electronic vote recorder, which he patented in 1668. However, no one bought his invention. However, even after this experiment, Edison continued with further experiments.

He got many failures in this invention, but he continued to learn with every effort he made and proceeded with hard work and honesty. After which he was successful in developing carbon thread filament in the year 1879, he spent about 40 thousand dollars in this invention.

Edison first succeeded in lighting this bulb on October 22, 1879, and sparked the world with his invention. He received a patent on January 27, 1880. After this invention, Thomas Elva Edison became famous worldwide and was recognized as the greatest inventor.

His death

On October 18, 1931, the great inventor Thomas Elva Edison breathed his last and departed from this world forever. Thomas Elva Edison was also inventing the last days of his life.
He was a great scientist as well as a well-known businessman. Thomas Elva Edison had patented about 1093 inventions.

Thomas Elva Edison will always be remembered for his great discoveries and everyone needs inspiration from his life.

He said that- “Genius makes one percent inspiration and 99 percent hard work”