Albert Einstein and Theory of relativity Einstein

Albert Einstein and Theory of relativity Einstein

Albert Einstein and Theory of relativity Einstein

Albert Einstein and Theory of relativity Einstein: Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in an ordinary family in Germany. His father ran a small electrical goods factory and his Mother used to do housework. Albert Einstein was as simple as his scientist, his dress was as simple as that. A man who never saw that he was the great scientist who gave revolutionary principles to the world.

His uncle was responsible for the raising of Albert Einstein. The uncle had turned his curious and nephew to science since childhood. There were many Knowledge-Based instruments among the gifts that uncle gave him. His uncle gifts him a Qutubanuma which aroused his interest in science.

One day his mother smiled and said- ‘My Albert will grow up to be a professor.’ His statement was true. In 1909 he became a professor at the University of Munich. He was not a wholly rational scientist, but also a liberal human being. His heart was emotional. He considered himself to be an ordinary person.

Among his great men, he had exclusive devotion and devotion to Gandhiji. On Gandhiji’s death, he said- “The generations to come will not believe that such a man roamed the earth as an effigy of flesh and flesh”. He wanted people to see him as a normal human being but he got respect and fame everywhere.

When Albert Einstein went to Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize, he wore the same old leather cloak jacket. This jacket was given to him by a friend years ago. There was such extravagance in his generality that he was honored and honored by all the dignitaries. When Einstein was urged to speak in front of the guests present, he stood up and said – ‘Gentlemen! I am sorry that I have nothing to say to you now ‘, Einstein sat down in his place.

Einstein sensed dissatisfaction and reached the stage again – ‘Excuse me, whenever I have something to say, I will present myself to you.’ Einstein’s teachers were not a very good opinion of him. His physics teacher at the polytechnic, Heinrich Bevar, told him, ‘You are a very smart boy but you have a shortcoming. You don’t listen to anyone. His teacher advised Einstein to leave the school because he believed that Einstein’s evils affect other school students and spoil their habits.

But Einstein was not disappointed in spite of all these shortcomings, shrill comments. He remained hopeful for life. He could have committed suicide by hurting the teacher’s remarks, but he received the Nobel Prize for his hard work and his talent.


Albert Einstein is considered to be the greatest scientist of history, not only of the 20th century. 1905 was the golden year of his many achievements together. In 1905, his famous formula E = mc² energy = mass X, light loss 2) was born. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize for his discovery of ‘theoretical physics, especially the laws of the electrical (electrical) effect of light’.

The discovery, published on 17 March 1905, made Einstein a technical assistant in the patent office of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. On 30 June of the same year, Einstein also published a study about the ‘electrical dynamics of moving objects. He had dedicated his thesis called ‘A new determination of molecular dimension’ to the University of Zurich on the day of July 20 of the same year to get a doctorate. On 15 January 1906, he also got the title of Doctor.

Theory of relativity

The thing that made Albert Einstein’s name immortal was his theory of relativity. He studied the nature of motion and said that motion is a relative state. According to Einstein, there is no such stable evidence in the universe, through which humans can decide the ‘absolute motion’ or any system of the Earth. The speed can always be estimated by making reference to another object based on the amount of change. His theory, propounded in 1907, came to be called the ‘Special Theory of Relativity.

Gravitational effect

Einstein gave a new theory in 1916, based on many years of contemplation and mathematical equations on a small idea. He said that the gravitational effect which appears in the universe pulling an object, the real reason is that every object, according to its mass and size, produces torsion in its surrounding space-time. Although the speed of every object and every object brings this change in space-time, but larger and heavier objects and speeds approaching the speed of light produce big changes.

Some special things about Albert Einstein

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  2. Learn from yesterday and live for today.
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  5. The person should see what is there, not what should happen according to it.
  6. The guy who never made a misread never tried anything new.
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  10. Imagination is more important than knowledge.