Remedies of the health hazard of modernization

Remedies of the health hazard of modernization

Remedies of the health hazard of modernization

Remedies of the health hazard of modernization: It is high time to make immediate and sincere endeavors to create the potentially disruptive and dangerous activities which are poisoning our environment and making it unfit for the survival and existence of human beings. Most of these solutions are main mad we are destroying the environment recklessly.

We should take some proper and efficient measures to check pollution keeping in view the balance between development and environment otherwise we will have to face devastation-related measures to check pollution are elaborated below.

1. General awareness about health

General awareness should be provided among people regarding health. They should realize the importance of a clean atmosphere. They should be provided the knowledge of various pollutants, which pollute the environment and enhance the chances of various diseases. Even the Awareness of Health and environmental pollution itself is a major achievement this should be followed by a concerted effort towards de-pollution. Environmental education can become a radical weapon for pollution control. If Civic sense is installed in the mind of the child the roots of anti-pollution attitudes would be Strengthen.

2. Forestation should be encouraged

Plantation of trees can check the pollution up to some extent plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen where are trees like Daucos, Carota phaseolus, Vulgaris, ficus, pinus, Juniperus and should be planted. These trees absorb carbon monoxide from the atmosphere efficiently.

3. Installation of pollution control devices

Various pollution control devices should be installed in machines and engines. For this purpose that filters, absorbers, catalytic combustions agent, and a settling chamber should be used.

4. Enforcement of laws related to pollution

Some laws to curb pollution should be made and implemented effectively those who infringe the law should be penalized adequately.

5. Creation of silence zones

Silence zones should be created or marked nearby the area of hospitals, educational institutions, and courts. Nobody should be permitted to create noise in these zones this will reduce noise pollution.

6. Judicious use of fertilizers pesticides etc

For extra production from the agricultural sector, we use fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and weedicides in an injudicious way. This process enhances water, food, and soil pollution. hence we should use fertilizers, insecticides, etc in a judicious way.

7. Proper storage of food grains

To check food pollution, it is essential to have proper storage of food grains, vegetables, and fruits. Owing to improper storage, food pollution occurs.

8. Emphasis on recycling of wastes

Industries that produce goods and others materials also produce waste products. These waste products should be recycled this will lead to many minimizations of pollution.

9. Dumping of wastes

Human wastes, animal wastes, solid waste should be dumped in low-lying areas. After a proper time, it may be used as fertilizer or biogas may be produced and may be utilized.

10. Atomic war should be avoided

Countries should not have vested interests, because it is the main reason for wars. Every effort should be made to avoid the atomic war. The world can never forget the consequences of atom bombs that were used in Japan during the Second World War. Radiation effects are still found in the present generation of Japan. Efforts should be made to solve disputes of countries through peaceful talks.

11. Invention for pollutionless energy

The early people have seen two revolutions in the world i.e.., Agricultural revolution after stone age and industrial revolution after agricultural Revolution. The need for the third revolution in the field of energy is indispensable for all human beings and indirectly for all living beings. We will have to invent pollutionless sources of energy. Hydrogen is one of the elements which can be beneficial in this respect. It is being used as fuel but it is more expensive. We should invent at least an economical way to get hydrogen out of water. The use of solar energy can be beneficial.

It seems impossible to have a complete check on pollution we can minimize it we will have to make a balance between development and the environment.