Nutrition in Plants for Class 7 Notes


Nutrition in plants for Class 7 Notes

Nutrition in plants for Class 7 Notes: Nutrients are substances that each organism obtains from its environment and uses as a source of energy and for the biosynthesis of bodily components.

Methods of Nutrition

Organisms can be divided into two classes by food substances-

Autotrophic nutrition

Those organisms which do not depend on others for their food and prepare their own food are called autotrophs. Like all green plants, blue-green algae, some bacteria, and most unicellular organisms.

Heterotrophic nutrition

Organisms that cannot make their own food and depend on other organisms for their food are called heterotrophs.

Different Elements in Plant Nutrition

Some essential elements are important for plant growth. In the absence of any one of these elements, the growth of plants does not take place properly.

  • Plants obtain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from air and water.
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the major nutrients that are essential for plants and these nutrients are obtained by the plants from the soil.
  • Plants absorb calcium, magnesium, and sulfur in small amounts. These are called secondary nutrients.
  • Iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum, and chlorine elements are required by plants in large quantities. These are called micronutrients.

Functions of Nutrients


  • Nitrogen is helpful for the growth and development of all living tissues (roots, stems, leaves).Protoplasma is an important component of the protein chlorophyll and nucleic acids.
  • Improves the quality of leafy vegetables and fodder.


  • Increases the activity of enzymes.
  • Increases the use of light by plants in cold and cloudy weather, which increases the ability of plants to tolerate cold and other adverse conditions.
  • Helps in transporting carbohydrates, protein synthesis, and maintaining their stability.
  • Important in photosynthesis.
  • Plants produce healthy seeds by getting phosphorus.
  • The use of phosphorus makes the roots grow faster and stronger.

Nutrition in Plants for Class 7 Notes