How The Human Brain Works

How The Human Brain Works

How The Human Brain Works

How The Human Brain Works: On this page, we have shared all the information about the human brain. hope you like this article.

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The Human Brain

The human brain, enclose in a bone shell, the cranium, which protects it from external trauma. The brain considers the main part of the central nervous system. A fully developed human brain is about 1/50 of the body’s weight and is located in the cranial cavity.

The Human Brain’s Weight

The total weight of the brain is 1400 grams, the brain protects inside the shell of 8 bones, the cranium.

The Human Brain Parts

The brain is divided into three parts.

(a) Prosencephalon Brain: This is the largest part of the forebrain. Through this, along with the senses relate to smell, human beings help to recognize the sensations related to smell, odor, taste, olfaction, etc.

The part of the forebrain, which is two-thirds of the whole brain, coils from the protection cover of the middle brain and the hindbrain. It contains about 200 million nerves (sensory). These nerves are called carpals callosum.

  • Cerebrum Brain
  • Diencephalon

(b) Mesencephalon Brain: It situates between the hypothalamus of the forebrain and the pons Carolina of the hindbrain. The middle is the small part of the brain, which is the upper part of the stem cells. Many groups of nerves are present in it, it helps all the organs of the body and the whole body to maintain a balance, and in the brain, the muscles of the eyes, and the balance. are assistants. This brain also controls internal reflex actions and habit-forming actions.

It has two main parts:

  • Corpora
  • Cerebral Pendical

(c) Rhombencephalon Brain: It is the posterior part of the brain, which connects to the spinal cord with the help of the medulla. One bone of the body (atlas vertebra) provides the basis for the entire head.

The rhombencephalon brain has three main parts:

  • Pons
  • Cerebellum
  • Medulla Oblongata

How The Human Brain Works

The weight of a common man’s brain is 3 pounds i.e. 1 kg up to 500 grams. The human brain is more than 75 percent water, 10 percent fat, and 8 percent protein. It is the fattest part of the body. The human brain keeps blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, and breathing process normal. He controls all the parts of the body. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side controls the right side of the body.

The brain can live even if there is no oxygen for about 6 minutes, but if it is longer than this, the risk of its damage increases.

Main Functions of The Brain

  • It regulates body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing.
  • The brain tells us about the process happening around us by seeing, touching, and tasting with the help of various senses.
  • It controls every movement of the body.
  • The brain gives us the power to think and understand.