Home Remedies for Menstrual Cycle Pain

Home Remedies for Menstrual Cycle Pain

Home Remedies for Menstrual Cycle Pain

Home Remedies for Menstrual Cycle Pain: Menstruation is also called the period cycle. Menstruation or the menstrual cycle is a process in which the eggs produced in the womb come out of the vagina due to lack of fertilization. At this time there is weakness in the body and pain in the stomach. This process happens on average every month, for some women this time is difficult. Some girls have their periods on time, while some are irregular.

If menstruation occurs at its fixed time, then the reproductive system of the woman is working properly. Menstruation is a natural process that happens to women every month. Menstruation in girls starts between the age of 11 to 15 years. During this, there is a flow of blood from the vagina, women have to face some other problems along with pain in the abdomen and waist during menstruation.

Causes of Menstruation

Pain in the lower abdomen and back is a common problem during periods. The cause of this pain is prostaglandin. It is a kind of hormone, which is released near the uterus. This hormone is also activated during delivery. There are a group of lipids involved in the damage of prostaglandin or in combating infection and disease. Also, there is a lack of blood in the uterus during this period, due to which the muscles suffer. The pain is more in 1-2 days after the onset of menstruation. Some women start feeling pain even before it starts, but you can get rid of this pain of periods with some easy home methods.

Home Remedies for Pain During Periods

1. Ajwain ( Celery )

Often, gastric problems increase in women during periods, due to which there is also severe pain in the stomach. Consuming celery is very effective in dealing with it. Mixing half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of carom seeds and drinking it in lukewarm water can provide instant relief from pain.

2. Garlic

Ginger also provides relief during periods of pain. Boil small pieces of ginger in a cup of water. If desired, add sugar as per taste. Consume it after meals thrice a day.

3. Oil Massage

Massaging the lower abdomen with sesame oil can give relief period pain. It is rich in linoleic acid, anti-inflammatory elements, and anti-oxidant elements, which can relieve the pain of those days.

4. Light Exercise

Women avoid exercise during menstruation due to more pain, but a study has found that doing light exercises like yoga, walking, etc. can be beneficial in pain, but heavy work should be avoided during this time. Exercising releases endorphins which act as a natural pain reliever for cramps.

5. Hot Water Bottle

In stomach pain, compressing with a hot water bottle is also beneficial. During this, there is also swelling in the abdomen of women, due to which there is a pain in the stomach. In such a situation, if women compress the stomach with a bottle of hot water for periods, then they will get relief from stomach pain.

6. Tulsi

Tulsi is a good remedy for health-related problems like cold and colds. Similarly, the consumption of basil can reduce pain during periods. It can also cure the problem of irregular periods. You can also drink Tulsi tea.

7. Green Tea

If you want to lose weight, increase immunity, or prevent any other health-related problem, then green tea can be consumed. Green tea can also be used to reduce pain during periods.

8. Papaya

Eating papaya during periods improves digestion. Eating papaya during periods also provides relief from pain. Due to this the flow of blood also remains fine.