Fungi Disease and Types Of Fungi 

Fungi Disease and Types Of Fungi 

Fungi Disease and Types Of Fungi 

Fungi Disease and Types Of Fungi  : Fungi are found in all those parts of the world, where living or dead organic matter is found, the fungi that grow on dung calls coprophilous fungi. The fungi that grow on nails and hair, calls keratinophilic.

The study of fungi calls mycology. It is chlorophyll-less, concentric, vascular tissue-less Thallophyta. Being devoid of foliage, fungi are unable to make their own food. Hence they are diverse host. The food store in it remains in the form of glycogen and their cell wall is made of kaitin .

Types Of Fungi 

Symbiotic – These fungi grow along with other plants and benefit each other.

For example, lichens.

Parasites – These fungi get their food from the living tissues of animals and plants. These types of fungi are always harmful.

E.g. Paxinia, Astilago etc.

Cartilaginous – This type of fungus always obtains its food from rotten organic matter.

For example – Rhizopus, Penicillium, Morchella etc.

Economic Importance Of Fungi 

profitable activities

  • Destruction of organic matter is the main symptom of fungi. It decomposes the remains of animals and plants.
  • Yeast is use in the alcohol industry.
  • Many types of vitamins are synthesize from fungi.
  • Some fungi are use to control the spread of diseases by insects.
  • Some yeasts such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae are use in the bakery industry to make bread.

harmful actions

  • Many species of Rhizopus, Penicillium etc. destroy food.
  • Fungi also cause many types of diseases in animals.
  • Fungi destroy many types of items used in daily life such as cloth, paper, wood etc.
  • Some mushrooms are poisonous that appear normal, but can be fatal if eaten fraudulently. E.g. Aminata, Pholeradis etc.

Fungi Disease


Tinea capitis fungus causes baldness in humans. In this, bare patches appear on the skin of the scalp. The cause of this disease is fungal infection. It not only affects the hair on your scalp but also the eyebrows and eyelashes. Mostly, children under the age of 10 affect by this disease. It is much more serious than the skin problem, it is known as ringworm on the scalp.


This is a common fungal infection. It is caused by stermophytes which are microscopic organisms that live on the heavy layer of the skin. These circular or ring-shape pimples occur on the heavy skin of the body. Its effect remains hot and humid. Sometimes it is cause by direct contact with an active fungal infection on the pet.


Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs for a long time and there is currently no cure for it, but there are treatments available to control its symptoms.
It is a lung disease in which a person has difficulty in breathing.
Asthma symptoms sometimes cause very bad conditions for some time. This calls an asthma attack.


Scabies is cause by Sarcoptes scabiei. This microscopic Sarcoptes scabies mite can live in the body for about two months. They grow on the surface of the skin and then lay eggs to grow. Sarcoptes scabiei is an eight-leg very small mite, which is a type of insect. The mite relate to scabies spreads very easily from person to person.